Platform Bench Scale

platform-scale-2TWhen weighing larger items, a platform bench scale is a perfect choice. Each is designed to allow for simple counting as well as heavy-duty load-bearing. Some are even designed for check-weighing. Platform bench scales can support more weight than many other types of scales. They should be sturdy, functional, and reliable.

A platform bench scale generally has large and heavy objects placed on it on a consistent basis. This requires that the platform bench scale be made from materials that will support the extra weight. Platform bench scales must be able to support the weight of these larger and heavier objects and must also be able to register their weights. Therefore, the load scales should be stainless steel for durability and accuracy.

What Bench Scales Offer

Platform bench scales must be very functional. Because these types of scales are used to measure larger and heavier objects, it sometimes becomes very hard to bring the objects to the scale. Human operators resist workplace injuries, or if moving live animals they run the risk of becoming stressed as a result.

Because of this, some of these types of scales are portable. They may have wheels or some other device to make them portable and easy to move around. In this way, the scale can be taken to the object to be weighed. This keeps the user from having to move the large, heavy object to the scale.

Many of these scales come standard with a digital readout and keypad to aid in the functionality of the scale. Some of these may even be able to connect to a computer to interact with software and record data.

The other standard material is stainless steel, which is durable, has a high-temperature threshold, and is water-resistant. It’s also easy to clean, which adds to the convenience. Some platform scales are also made of aluminum, while others have diamond plates.

Most of all, a platform bench scale must be reliable. Many industries require a very high level of reliability. Therefore, the components used in measuring weight must be of high quality and able to provide reliable results.

The digital readouts are an important part of reliability. In the older models of scales with the analog readouts, the number seen depends on the viewing angle. If the user moved a bit, it might seem as if the scale was actually registering a different weight. But, with the newer models, the digital readout ensures that no matter who is using the scale, and no matter where they are standing, they see the same value.

There are universal standards that should be upheld by a platform bench scale. The scale should be sturdy, functional, and reliable. Different industries may require different levels of these standards but these are some attributes that should be considered when purchasing a platform bench scale.

Choosing A Bench Scale

The type of object that you’re weighing and the process you’re performing. There is counting, which is standard, and check-weighing.

While counting simply records the weight of one object or item at a time and converts the data, check-weighing also involves organizing and sorting objects based on the data using an assembly line to move quickly. Airplanes use check-weighing for passengers’ luggage, so as to sort them neatly.

Before choosing a scale, assess what you need to weigh, and the best method of doing it. Do you have to move products in a hurry, or use check-weighing scales?

In agriculture, for example, farmers and food processing employees may use platform bench scales to handle heavy commodities such as grain or cotton. Huge amounts of these dried products may need to be placed onto a scale at a time, for efficiency. That’s especially important when a food processing plant has a heigh demand. A farmer may want to choose a scale that comes with an optional ramp, to allow for easy wheeling.

Consider livestock, for example. When you are weighing cows, horses, pigs, or other farm animals, you need to account for them moving or struggling. There is also a huge size difference, so the platform scale needs to have an appropriate capacity depending on the animal in question. You want a platform that won’t allow feet or hooves to skid either and is comfortable for them to stand.

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