Remote Screen

Many types of industrial weighing processes require the careful mixing (or batching) of anywhere from two to dozens of various ingredients in the correct proportions. Utilizing special pumps, feeders, or other devices to dispense these powders, pellets or liquids, most often, this process is controlled by weight. Arlyn Scales can develop a batching equipment solution to handle these kinds of weighing processes.

Custom Control Sections for Batching Systems

Arlyn Scales designs the weighing and control sections of this type of batching equipment by attaching weight sensors to your bins, buckets, hoppers, tanks or pails. The signals are then fed into ArlynÕs instruments, which range from simple digital indicators, to multiple input devices, to sophisticated color touch screens.

Monitor and Deliver Weight Data Automatically

The batching process can be monitored locally, connected to a nearby computer system, or networked over the Internet to any computer screen in the world. Unlike off-the-shelf weighing and batching equipment components, Arlyn works with you to design a better batching system specific to your application and industry needs.

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