Custom Scales for Specific Requirements

floor-scale-2At Arlyn Scales, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. With our over thirty years in the business, we know that standard industrial weighing scales don’t always fit the bill when it comes to the specific requirements you may have. Though many other companies similar to ours find solutions to the situation, we are the only ones whose highly trained and knowledgeable engineers and technical experts are able to create new models that configure with your needs without costing you an arm and a leg.

Handling Any Necessity for Any Industry

Our large inventory of standard industrial scales is able to handle any necessity for any industry. We know that a large load can be perfectly handled by a floor scale, with pallets that come in a range of sizes to accommodate the specifics of your materials. These standard scales come with many options, such as the ability to direct data to a printer in order to generate a hard copy or the ability to enter information into a computer system in order to generate invoices.

Standard Scales

A standard drum scale that weighs quantities of liquids or liquefied gasses can also be used with dewars, tanks, pails, and hoppers. A counting scale is a digital device that in standard form calibrates the amount of parts, electrical components, injection molded elements, printed materials, fittings, and the like. Our generic versions are designed to sit on a cart or a bench, or in the case of weighing larger volumes, we have products that connect a large capacity scale platform to a smaller one. Typical electronic scales include models such as bench, crane cylinder, wheelchair, and veterinary scales, each with specific features that provide all that is necessary to perform their given task.

Customization Solutions

Despite the wide number of choices we have in our industrial scale line, we also have many customers needing scales that require customization for their specific parameters. Because at Arlyn Scales it is our business to find the perfect solution to your every need, we are able to fabricate a model that can handle whatever job needs to be done, no matter how complex.

When a Standard Scale Won’t Do

Some examples of where a custom scale might be needed are in situations where a standard scale is not sensitive enough, does not have the proper configuration to conform with unique limitations, or where greater weighing capacities are required.

Specially Designed for Your Needs

LetÕs say that you need to add weighing capability to your equipment. We can specially design a scale that will configure seamlessly with the product, whether it is a pallet wrapper, blender, mixer, dispenser, or anything in between. If you need a scale to fit into another piece of equipment, our technicians can create the exact proportions and specifications to provide this solution.

Some Custom Scale Examples

Weighing Animals

In the case of accurately weighing animals, you may need a scale that measures weight gain to determine if this is occurring at the correct rate. We have designed a special device that weighs each animal as it walks towards the feed lot. Depending on whether the animal needs to gain or lose weight, it is then directed to a specific gate that moves it into a special feed area where the food is geared for the animal’s need.

Industrial Parts

When it comes to industrial parts, we have created systems that help manufacturers determine how much inventory they have, when orders need to be made, and ways to communicate with appropriate off-site locations. In this scenario, we have made sets of bin scales, each of which sit on their own weighing system that conveys information to a central scale indicator. With a display area that shows the number of pieces in each bin, the indicator is also able to transmit this information to a central computer by way of an Ethernet port and Internet connection. In this way, a distributor can monitor quantities from his or her own location as the inventory at the factory site falls below a specific amount, thus being able to arrange a new delivery as necessary. This customized weighing system is ideal for allowing users to keep track of their deliveries easily and efficiently.

Custom Load Cells

At Arlyn Scales we are able to create exceptional load cells where a specific weighing paradigm is needed. These transducer devices detect the amount of weight applied to an object and then convert the information into an electronic signal. Most weighing requirements are solved by standard load cell configurations, but there are times when the standard isnÕt able to capably do the job. An example would be in cases where the center of gravity of an object needs to be determined. Here it might take three load cells to support and evaluate the item, whereby the weight of each of the load cells would be taken in order to calculate the information accurately.

Hospital Environments

Another example would be in a hospital environment where the weight of a patient needs to be monitored in a continuous manner, whether to determine fluid retention or as an alarm to detect when a patient leaves his or her bed, or for other reasons. If the bed is on wheels, special load cells need to be built to manage the task when the bed is in motion. Our solution is to create custom transducers that are placed in between the legs of the bed and the wheels or casters.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry it is essential that load cells be precisely configured for ultra precision when it comes to disseminating information. Many companies will apply force monitors, which counteract the weight of a specific substance or object with electromagnetic force. This method, though effective, is extremely expensive. At Arlyn Scales we have developed what we call Surface Acoustic Wave load cells, which provide the same accuracy, but at 40% less cost. Easy to fabricate, our pharmaceutical customers are extremely happy with their results.

No matter how complicated your needs may seem to be, our innovative experts are constantly finding ways to solve even the most confounding weighing solution. Please contact us today to find out how we can create the best custom scale for your industrial weighing needs by filling out our online form, which can be found at, or by calling 800.645.4301.