Custom Industrial Weighing Systems

corrosion-resistant-scale-2-1In a world of absolutes, the finest weighing instruments, providing the highest levels of accuracy and precision, are a requisite. When there are so many factors that are difficult to control, it is nice to know that you can always depend on Arlyn Scales to deliver the very best custom scale manufactured for your unique application according to your exact specifications.

The Nuts and Bolts

We are a NY based company that designs and manufactures our own subassemblies for our scales. Customer feedback is integrated into our design discussions. The ultimate goal is always to address the needs of our clients and to do so at the lowest cost. Because we do manufacture the nuts and bolts, so to speak, of our scales, it behooves us to pass the savings on to our customers.

Plethora of Choices

Arlyn Scales manufactures a myriad of industrial scales including Platform, Floor, Bench, Drum, Counting, Cylinder, Crane, Rain Gage, Veterinary, Wheel chair and Livestock scales, just to name a few.

In addition, we provide batching and filing equipment, Ultra Resolution, High Precision, and Corrosion Resistant Scales.

To compliment all our scales, we offer USB Remote Indicator Software, which allows for connectivity from your scale to your workstation.

Load Cells

When scale companies are looking to cut costs, the load cell quality usually suffers. Aluminum load cells are used in the vast amount of scales on the market today. Aluminum is inexpensive and very easy to manipulate into the desired shape. However, it is susceptible to temperature instability and deformation from shock and overload damage.

Steel is the next popular option but due to the lack of corrosion resistance, the steel load cells need to be nickel-plated. This is not entirely efficient and steel is not as rugged as stainless steel.

High quality scale companies, such as Arlyn Scales, choose to manufacture load cells from stainless steel. Although it is difficult to machine and requires a carefully regulated heating process, the results have good corrosion resistance and excellent spring properties. The scale’s accuracy and precision ratings depend exclusively on these factors.

SAW Technology

Not all weighing systems are alike. There are Strain Gage scales, which are subject to being affected by changes in temperature. It is necessary to know how to delicately place the Strain Gage load cells in the weighing device; otherwise, they will not operate efficiently. This requires expertise and even so, the load cells are not always integrated allowing for proper load design.

Force Motor or Restoration scales detect weight through measuring the electrical current needed to support the weighing object. This method yields better accuracy and resolution however; these scales are subject to shock loading. The cost factor of these weighing devices can be prohibitive when operating with very heavy loads. In addition, they are three to five times the cost of the Strain Gage scales.

The newest kid on the block in the realm of advanced technological weighing systems is Arlyn Scales SAW technology applied to our Ultra Precision Scales with Super Sensitivity. Our internationally patented SAW scales use load cells that measure displacement as opposed to measuring stress or strain. These transducers are manufactured using the same technology that produces integrated circuits, semiconductor technology.

SAW scales provide an accuracy reading that is one one-hundredth of 1 percent. These scales are five times more rugged than Strain Gage Scales and ten to twenty times more rugged than Force Restoration scales rendering them the ultimate choice for harsh industrial environments.

Why Custom?

There are many applications that require customized elements in scales. The accuracy factor is greatly affected by the weight load accepted by the scale. When weighing items measuring either less or more than the presets of weight tolerances, either inaccuracy or shock and overload can occur.

When the scale is properly calibrated, it is designed to handle your specific weight load on either end of the spectrum, the highest and the lowest.

On the lowest end, the base point should be zero. The highest end or maximum capacity is known as the span. By giving the scale its two extreme points, the full scale and zero, you are assured of getting the most accurate weight calculation between these two points.

Knowing ahead of time what your weight load will be, whether as tiny as fractions of a gram or up to several tons, allows us to design your scale with your sensitivity requirements.

Who Benefits?

There are several industries that can benefit greatly by having their scale customized. The precision and accuracy, which are greatly enhanced, will provide dead on readings each and every time.

Arlyn Scales teams of technologically savvy engineers have been called upon to design custom scales for batching systems, filling systems, automatic packaging, sorting, etc. These industries have benefitted greatly by choosing to have us tailor a device to their specifications.

Automatic Liquid Dispensing, Flow Rate Control, Livestock Weighing and Sorting, Aggregate Weighing, Liquid Gas Tank monitoring, Custom Weighing Kits for shrink wrappers, laundry carts, liquid tanks, mixers and others, as well as Inventory Control / Bin Weighing are some of the examples of industry specific custom weighing equipment that we have developed. We continue to research and add advanced methodologies to keep abreast of the technological advances, which demand parallel assessments in our devices as well.

You will have the assurance that your weighing device is handling your specific weight loads under your specific environmental conditions. For example, when corrosion is a factor, we add a unique epoxy coating over a complete stainless steel construction, yielding trouble free service for years.

From Start to Finish

At Arlyn Scales, we use the best materials guaranteed to provide years of dependable and accurate service. Our factories are set up to turn out specific subassemblies suited to each and every custom application. The luxury of having oneÕs own factory allows for the highest level of standards and operation, highest quality control and very efficient manufacturing outputs.

Connectivity Options

Arlyn Scales offers Remote Activator Software with all of our weighing scales. This allows interface between your scale and your workstation. There are many options to choose from to connect up to ten different scales to one operating processing workstation. Output requirements can be implemented to monitor the mixing of multiple ingredients or control valves, sensors and feeders.

Your needs are our business. We can meet all your weighing requirements and expectations with ease and fluidity.

Our team of extremely knowledgeable, design engineers are at the ready to produce your ultimate, cost effective, state of the art precision weighing equipment.

Contact Arlyn Scales by calling 800.645.4301 or filling out our online form to learn more about custom industrial weighing systems.