How Internet Access Enhances an Industrial Scale’s Productivity

Internet access is a crucial part of increasing any industrial scale’s productivity. There was a time when such a feature would have been considered merely novel or useful, but now it is indispensable. To begin with, general data storage happens on hard drives or in the cloud for most organizations. In order to store your weight measurements in an environment that is efficient, safe, practical, durable, and accessible upon demand, you need to use one of these methods.How Internet Access Enhances an Industrial Scale's Productivity

Not only is all your data easier to search and preserve in digital form, it requires far less physical infrastructure to store data on software rather than in hard copies. That reality opens up new conversations about economy of storage space, and time. This article will focus on the necessity and productivity of using a scale equipped with internet access.

Internet access also feeds into the growing trend of work happening at multiple remote locations for a single company or facility. Internet access allows for greater flexibility in your industry. You can automate so many key functions related to weighing materials when you can feed data through the speed of WiFi and fiber-optic pathways. Many measurements of weight have a direct relationship with not just the quality, but the safety of a product.

Productivity and Safety in Drug Manufacturing Thanks to Scales with Internet Access

When the pharmaceutical industry and drug manufacturers weigh materials, their work has a direct impact on public health and safety. Internet access can help these industries catch irregularities, manufacturing errors, and other problems as soon as possible. When it comes to creating the drugs that manage, treat and cure everything from heart disease to colds, there is little room for error. This level of attention makes you more productive because you can reduce the potential risk of recalls, and you don’t have to worry as much about the PR nightmare of distributing a dangerous or ineffective drug. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

How Scales with Internet Access Make Can Improve Shipping and Travel

Weight is a crucial parts of the shipping and travel industry. Internet access streamlines each of these for a better experience for both workers and customers in these industries. For example, internet access can increase the efficiency of record keeping when it comes to important information such as the weight of fuel, passengers and luggage. The shipping and travel industries have their own internal programs for determining problems and solutions when it comes to weight. With internet access, these scales can rapidly feed new information into these algorithms, helping workers find solutions sooner. This is important when your industry must prioritize getting people and things where they need to be on time. Better customer service means more customers, and ergo, more productivity. As was the case with drug manufacturers, attention to detail, record keeping, and quality control all have compound benefits for an entire industry.

Arlyn Scales With Internet Access

Arlyn outfits a variety of industries with scales well suited to their needs. You can find professionals relying on Arlyn’s cutting-edge technology in environments as diverse as farms, factories, and tarmacs. Our scales don’t just offer excellence in connectivity and technological integration, they are also durable enough to thrive in extreme weather and temperature conditions. This is due to the superior quality of materials we allow our in-house manufacturers to work with. Arlyn Scales feature stainless steel surfaces coated in corrosion resistant materials, which are available to be upgraded for WiFi capacity. The scales can endure rainwater, condensation, cleaning chemicals, and abrasive manufacturing chemicals such as lye and sulfuric acid. This is important because it allows us to integrate complex technology like internet access while still providing a scale that will last a long time. Longevity is the key to a good investment when it comes to an industrial tool.

Arlyn is proud of the intuitive ease of use and installation our scales deliver. Here are more details on some of our products.

Arlyn Guard Scales

Our ArlynGuard intrinsically safe bench scales are prepared to deal with materials such as flammable or explosive chemical liquids and powders. They are easy to use with a clear LCD visible display that swivels to accommodate any work environment. Arlyn fabricates our load cells for this scale from a special stainless steel alloy that has been heat treated.

It is extremely flexible in terms of interfacing with other hardware, and interconnectivity. It can feed information through WiFi, which is convenient because it means fewer wires cluttering your workspace, making your environment safer and more productive. This scale is available in multiple capacities and offers excellence in resolution and precision.

Large Ultra Precision Scales from Arlyn

Offering accuracy ten to twenty times that of a regular scale, Arlyn’s  Large Ultra Precision Scales can deliver a level of accuracy close to that of magnetic force restoration scales at a far more affordable cost. For industries that must have both high capacity scales and intense precision, this scale is an ideal fit. This scale is outfitted for WiFi as well, with a rugged construction that ensures it will continue to serve you in harsh environments.

How Can I Get Scales with WiFi Connection?

To learn more about how internet connectivity can make your industry more productive, contact Arlyn Scales. We enjoy hearing about the needs and goals of the people we work with regards to the weighing portion of their process. We have solved problems and offered solutions to an enormous range of industries. We have seen other clients of ours discover ways to be more efficient and productive with weighing, data transmission and storage, staffing, infrastructure and more when they explore some of our cutting-edge options for these needs.

Arlyn Scales can be reached by telephone at 800-645-4301 or by visiting our website. That’s where you can fill out a contact form if you prefer to submit your thoughts and questions in writing. You can also view pictures, prices and details on our scales, industrial equipment, and more.