5 Industry Niches You Didn’t Know Use Industrial Platform Scales

Platform Scales are arguably the most versatile industrial scales in the business. They are available in a multitude of sizes and constructions, and many additional features can be added for improved safety, convenience, and accuracy. Many industries utilize Platform Scales for a variety of reasons. For example, platform scales are frequently used in warehouses to … Continued

An Overview of the Materials Used in Arlyn’s Floor Scales

When it comes to purchasing industrial weighing equipment, you have loads of different options. You can save money by choosing a company that does much of their design and manufacturing overseas, or you can choose to work with a U.S. based company like Arlyn Scales that not only designs and builds their scales in the … Continued

Where to Purchase Veterinary and Animal Scales

When it comes to purchasing veterinary and animal scales, many scale manufacturers will tell you that any heavy duty platform scale will serve your needs. The reality is that this is not always the case. At Arlyn Scales, we have a variety of scales that are rugged enough to handle the daily rigors that are … Continued

Industrial Crane Scales for Sale Online

You’ve heard the phrase “kill 2 birds with 1 stone”—right? If you have, and you know what it means, then you probably know this phrase is a positive one. When something kills 2 birds with 1 stone it accomplishes 2 tasks with 1 action. It multi-tasks. Which is usually a good thing. So, what does … Continued

3 Types of Hazardous Areas Intrinsically Safe Scales

Accidents happen. Obviously, accidents can’t always be avoided. If they could be avoided, then accidents would never happen. But, when it comes to hazardous locations that employ electrical weighing scales, it is very important for accidents not to happen. When accidents take place in potentially hazardous locations, such as warehouses or facilities that store or … Continued

Digital Cylinder Scales: An Arlyn Scales Review

Are you on the hunt for the best of the best of Industrial Digital Cylinder Scales? What specifically are you searching for? Affordability? Durability? Maybe you just want a scale that can survive coming into contact with corrosive or explosive materials. Whatever it is you are looking for in an Industrial Digital Cylinder Scale, you … Continued

High Resolution Scales: Best Prices Online

It often seems too good to be true when scale manufacturers offer their high-resolution scales at prices so low it seems almost questionable; however, believe it or not, inexpensive scales that are capable of producing highly accurate weight readings do exist. Whatever your weighing applications are, if you are looking for a scale that can … Continued

How Technology Changes the Way We Treat Industrial Precision Scales

Every day, new technologies and uses for technologies materialize and/or evolve; therefore, it’s natural for the rest of the world to continuously try and keep pace with all of the changes, which affect every industry and community on our planet in some way. Many of the major developments in technology are surprising and unprecedented. For … Continued

Why Arlyn Scales Drum Scales are the Industry’s Best

Drums are often used in industrial locations to store and transport various materials, like detergents and chemicals, etc. For inventory, safety, and shipping purposes, most facilities that handle drums require accurate measurements of the materials inside; therefore, these locations utilize industrial scales to achieve accurate weight readings. Surely, in the world today, there are a … Continued

Top 5 Fundamentals You Should Know About Industrial Platform Scales

You might think you know everything there is to know about industrial platform scales: they’re heavy-duty, customizable, and are used for a variety of weighing applications—platform scales get the job done, whatever the job may be. If you own an industrial platform scale and are satisfied with all that it does for you and your … Continued

8 Industries You Didn’t Know Use Industrial Scales

Picture an industrial scale in your mind. In what type of environment do you imagine the scale? If you are familiar with industrial scales and you are aware that there are many styles ofand uses for them, then the picture that pops into your mind is probably very different than what a person who doesn’t … Continued

The Advanced Guide to Purchasing Ultra Precision Scales

Once upon a time, there were only 2 industrial scale options for consumers to choose from: Strain Gage and Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR) scales. With these 2 options, consumers often had to choose between scales capable of delivering reasonable performance and moderate cost for a range of scale capacities or highly accurate readings at very … Continued