Industries That Benefit From Customized High Precision Scales

All companies that use industrial scales obviously need accurate measurements, but a growing number of industries require what are known as precision measurements. In the past only certain types of scales, namely force motor scales were able to provide this high level of accuracy. But with this accuracy came a number of problems that left … Continued

The Ideal Industrial Scale For Construction Companies

Construction companies, like many businesses must constantly monitor costs in order to stay agile, and ultimately profitable. To effectively control costs on and off the job site, often requires using industrial scales to maintain accurate inventory, monitor levels of material, and prevent excessive waste. Platform and floor scales offer construction companies the ability to weigh … Continued

Arlyn Scales: Top Industrial Bench Scale Manufacturer in the U.S.

If you’re in the market for an industrial bench scale, you likely have all sorts of options when it comes to choosing a scale manufacturer. You can attempt to find a distributor in your local area that offers a variety of different scales manufactured by all sorts of companies, or you can attempt to find … Continued

How to Find the Best Industrial Scale for the Outdoors

If you require a scale that needs to be used outside, you obviously need to find a model that will stand up to the elements. While many scales may offer loads of features, few are built rugged enough to stand up to regular use outdoors. At Arlyn Scales, years ago we decided that it was … Continued

Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision Scales: 10 Times Better Accuracy Than Other Scales in the Same Price Range

If you’re in an industry where precision scales are a necessity, you understand the complications that can arise with these often volatile and extremely expensive scales. In the past, scale owners had few choices when they required precision readings. Thankfully, Arlyn Scales has created the Ultra Precision Scale, which offers all the benefits of precision … Continued

Automated Pig Sorter: The Best Way to Monitor and Control Weight Gain

In the livestock industry, animal weight literally determines everything. Pigs that are too slim, or too heavy can cause significant economic issues for a farmer, but simply guessing a pig’s weight and steering it into what you think is the correct feeding pen can cause problems as well. While scales are supposed to make this … Continued

3 Helpful Tips When Using Industrial Scales

There are hundreds of industrial scale styles, but at the end of the day, every person who purchases an industrial scale is aiming to achieve the same thing: obtain accurate weight measurements from his or her industrial scale. For most weighing applications, you can determine the weight of objects using a number of different types … Continued

What to Consider Before Purchasing an Industrial Platform Scale

You can do a lot with an industrial platform scale, but before you spend $1,000 or more on a big scale for whatever your intended purpose is, there are a few things you should consider, such as: accuracy, capacity, and cost. How Accurate Do You Want Your Scale to Be? Of course you want the … Continued

The Ultimate Guide on Buying Industrial Platform Scale in Bulk

If you’re in the industrial industry and need to accurately weigh materials, you’re likely very familiar with the different types of industrial scales currently on the market. You understand their importance, and you may have had good or bad experiences purchasing them in the past. At Arlyn Scales, we’ve been producing high quality industrial scales … Continued

3 Real-Life Applications That Ultra Precision Scales Can Be Used For

It isn’t difficult to find a suitable weighing scale today. The accuracy delivered by common strain gage scales is usually good enough for a wide range of weighing applications; however, if you require extreme precision and accuracy, then a strain gage scale may not deliver the kind of results you want. Fortunately, Arlyn Scales’ Ultra … Continued

7 Creative Ways to Make Use of Industrial Scales

There are countless ways to utilize weighing scales. People keep scales in their bathrooms and bedrooms to weigh themselves each day, and it’s a growing trend to weigh food before eating it. However, these aren’t industrial scales. Do you know what industrial scales do? Many times industrial scales are used to measure substances or weigh … Continued

Purchasing Industrial Scales in Bulk

If you’re in the market for a large number of industrial scales, it obviously makes sense to shop around to find the best price. Because you’re purchasing multiple scales, many manufacturers will work with you on price because of the size of your order. While buying in bulk makes sense, it’s critical that you keep … Continued