The Best Scales for an Industrial Environment

platform-scale-2TThe industrial environment is hard on scales. Not only do you have to worry about any damage that can occur to the scale during the weighing process; you also have to worry about damage from the environment itself. The biggest problem, however, is how to juggle getting a rugged and durable scale that can hold the capacities required in an industrial environment, while also finding a scale that can provide accurate measurements.

For many years it has been an either/or choice where you could purchase a scale that could weigh large capacities or purchase a scale that could give precise readings, but the same scale could not typically do both. Arlyn Scales is pleased to announce that we have created innovative scales that do exactly that.

We are based in Long Island, New York and have been leaders in the weighing industry for the past thirty years. Our leadership is based on years of experience developing new technology for our scales and researching all industries to figure out how our scales can perform better for existing and developing applications.

Because we manufacture our own scales and their subassemblies, we’re able to ship factory direct, which costs you far less than if you purchased the scale from a distributor. Not only do you save money, but this cost saving arrangement also allows us to invest higher quality material into your scale. This gives you a scale that is cutting edge at a cost far below most of our competitors retail prices.

Platform and Floor Scales

The platform scale and the floor scale are both great scales useful in the industrial environment. You see them used in many industries such as the shipping, chemical, agricultural and petrochemical industries. They fulfill many of the general weighing duties in these environments and are just about the most commonly thought of scale on the market, excluding the bench scale.

Our 3200 Series Platform Scales and 5200 Series Floor Scales Floor Scales deliver the three big things you look for in an industrial scale. Our scales are accurate, reliable and durable. They deliver precise measurements for large capacity loads, unlike many of our competitors scales.


How do we generate such precise readings? We started by improving the most basic, yet most important, component of a scale: the load cell.

For a very long time, the standard design for a load cell has been a strain gauge load cell. This load cell was affixed between the platform and the bottom of the scale. When a load was placed on the platform, the weight caused the cell to bend down almost like a diving board. The force and stress on the load cell created an electrical signal that the scale interpreted as weight.

The strain gauge load cell had to be machined with sections called flexures, which are very thin metal sections to create a reliable and accurate measurement. Unfortunately, the sensitivity of the load cell also made it vulnerable to over loading, which occurs when a load beyond the scale’s capacity is placed on the platform, or shock loading, which occurs when a load is dropped onto the scales platform from a height. These types of situations could compromise the scale’s accuracy and reliability. To repair this type of damage cost time, money, and lost productivity.

In conjunction with our innovative electronics, we created load cells that can generate precise results and can be machined out of stainless steel. This minimizes the type of damage created by shock loading and over loading. Additionally, since we machine the load cells at our factory, we’re also able to match their outputs. This means our scales do not require a summation board, one of the single greatest points of electronic failure on a scale.

We also use four load cells in both our platform and floor scales. This helps create greater accuracy since the load cells are compartmentalized in a protective pocket in each of the four corners under the platform. It also stabilizes the platform, which minimizes the chance of a load sliding or slipping, taking a false measurement, damage to the scale, and injuries due to a shifting load.

Abuse Resistant

Unlike many of our competitors who construct their scales out of sheet metal, we manufacture our scale out of much tougher materials. Our platform scales feature a welded construction made out of either aluminum or stainless steel and our floor scales are a welded construction in either steel or stainless steel. These various options allow you to purchase a stronger, more abuse resistant design depending on the severity of the industrial environment in which you work.

These scales are also capable of weighing large capacity loads at accuracies previously unheard of. Our 3200 series platform scale can weigh loads up to either 500 lbs. or 1,000 lbs. depending on the selected model. Our 5200 series floor scales start at a capacity of 2,500 lbs. and range all the way up to 20,000 lbs. if you need a scale to weigh very heavy industrial loads. The resolution on these scales start at .1lb and at 20,000 lbs. top out at 5lb. This is an exceptional amount of resolution given the weights discussed.

The Best Customer Support for an Industrial Environment

We believe that our platform and floor scales provide superior performance and reliability at a cost that is affordable for you. However, should you find that our scales are only close to the mark and not fully meeting your expectations and needs, we welcome you to talk with our customer support staff. They are a highly trained group of experts that provide courteous and efficient customer service.

Not only are they well versed in our product lines and options, but they also have years of experience in the weighing industry. They will be more than happy to listen to you and suggest possible solutions whether it is a more customized frame design, a triple epoxy coating to help protect your floor scale even further, or a completely custom design.

Reach us online using the form on the Contact Us page of this site or call us at 1-800-645-4301. We’re looking forward to working with you.