Ethernet Scales for Industrial Warehouses

Ethernet is the most widely used local area network (LAN) technology. It allows you to connect and pass information through various computer systems within your warehouse and to share devices (like printers and fax machines) between them. This allows you to eliminate bulky file cabinets and mountains of paper work in favor of a few … Continued

Weighing Solutions with Data Storage and Export Capabilities

More often than not, it’s necessary to collect data during one or more phases of the weighing process. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, whether you choose to store data directly on the scale or by sending the data to an external computer system. Arlyn Scales offers a variety of communication ports, … Continued

Low Profile Portable Platform Scales

If you work in an industrial environment with limited or zero access to power but need to take weight measurements in the field, a portable, low profile scale is of the utmost importance. And unless you have a forklift or some other kind of automated lifting equipment available to you, chances are you’ll have to … Continued

Counting Scales for the Manufacturing Industry

Whether you manufacture car parts, children’s toys, prescription medication or anything in between, a reliable counting scale will be crucial to maintaining your inventory of small parts and pieces. Counting each piece by hand is obviously time consuming, but it’s also prone to human error. And while a counting scale will allow you to convert … Continued

Inventory Counting Scales: Precision Meets Reliability with Arlyn

When you need to keep an inventory of small pieces or parts using a counting scale can make the process run much more smoothly. Yet it’s important to be careful. Inaccuracies arise most often when acquiring the weight of the sample piece or pieces. If this happens, your inventory can be significantly off. Off By … Continued

Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors in Industrial Scales

Do you know what weighing technology is most common in our industry? That’s right! The strain gauge load cell. Do you know what’s wrong with it? No? Well, that could be because it meets your accuracy requirements and you’ve never really had to think about it. But those companies that require extremely fine resolutions and … Continued

Precision Scales and the Optimization of Manufacturing Processes

As business costs increase and technology evolves, it becomes necessary for businesses to find ways to optimize their manufacturing processes so they can reduce costs and keep up with demands. This includes automated manufacturing for batching, mixing and filling operations; fast and effective methods of taking inventory; and quality control, packaging and shipping. SAW Scales … Continued

Custom Digital Weighing Scales for Manufacturing Processes

While most manufacturing facilities can find a suitable scale fairly easily, this isn’t the case for all of them. Whether they’re using an OEM system that requires a weighing component or need a unique platform size, higher-than-average resolution, non-standard capacity limit, additional corrosion resistance, or an interface that allows them to transmit data from the … Continued

Automated Weighing Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Many industrial processes require some kind of weighing component. When it comes to blending, mixing, packaging, and dispensing operations, among others, scales are called on to automate the manufacturing process, which requires the scale to automatically communicate with other parts of the system. Arlyn Scales provides a wide range of communication options and control methods … Continued