Laboratory Balance Manufacturers: Custom Arlyn Application

With so many scale distributors and manufacturers, it can be hard to find a reliable laboratory balance manufacturer. Because the measurements that labs take are often extremely sensitive, itÕs important to find a manufacturer that can provide the high resolution, high precision instruments required by a respected laboratory. Arlyn Scales is a New York-based scale … Continued

Ultra Precision Scales for Sensitive Weighing Applications

When fractions of a pound can affect the quality of your final product, you need a high-resolution scale that provides superior performance. Whether you mix paint, manufacture semiconductors, run a laboratory or require decimal precision from your weighing instruments for any reason, chances are youÕre familiar with the difficult decision making process that comes with … Continued

Heavy Duty Floor Scales for Forge Shops

Whether you make decorative or utilitarian pieces, metal work is an art as well as a craft. From chairs, bed frames, home accents and architectural elements to tools like hammers and wrenches and component parts for airplanes, automobiles, tractors, ships, oil drilling equipment, engines, missiles and other capital equipment, forging is a multibillion dollar industry. … Continued

Distilling Scotch Whiskey: Why Precision Matters

There’s no bad Whiskey. There are only some Whiskeys that aren’t as good as others. – Raymond Chandler, novelist and screenwriter How Whiskey is Made: Pre-Distillation Ultimately, every whiskey has its own consistency and character, and Scotch whiskey is no different. Commonly shortened to Scotch,Ó it is traditionally made using malted barley and peat fires … Continued

Stainless Steel Scale Manufacturer: Precision and Durability from Arlyn Scales

When it comes to precision and durability, no one does it better than Arlyn Scales. As a factory direct manufacturer, we’ve been able to innovative scale designs that can stand up to the toughest industrial environments. Leading the weighing industry for the last 35 years, the secret to our success starts with stainless steel. Stainless … Continued

Weighing Corrosive Chemicals With a Durable ArlynGuard Corrosion Proof Scale

When it comes to dealing with corrosive chemicals, the equipment you use can really take a beating. If it isn’t constructed using the proper materials and safeguards, corrosion can happen quickly and have a serious affect on your bottom line. It’s also possible that the corrosive chemicals you handle are flammable. The presence of hydrofluoric, … Continued

Weighing Equipment Engineers and Manufacturers: How Arlyn Scales Does It

As a leader of design and innovation in the scale industry for the past 35 years, we have a special way of doing things here at Arlyn Scales. Unlike most suppliers of weighing equipment, weÕre a factory direct company that engineers and manufactures all of our products, their subassemblies, and accompanying computer software and microprocessor … Continued

How Arlyn Scales Revolutionized the Weighing Industry (And How We Continue To Do It)

For the past 35 years, Arlyn Scales has been leading the industry with innovative weighing equipment. Based in Long Island, New York, weÕre a factory direct company that specializes in industrial scale design. LetÕs explore a few of these together. Automatic Calibration Originally offered more than 20 years ago, Arlyn Scales was one of the … Continued

Precision Scales for Environments with High Concentrations of Flammable Gas

Acetylene, ammonia, arsine, butane, carbon monoxide, cyclopropane, ethane, ethylene, ethyl chloride, hydrogen, isobutan, methane, methyl chloride, propane, propylene, silane; what do all of these gasses have in common? That’s right, they are all extremely flammable under the certain conditions. If your facility handles these materials, you already know that there are certain precautions you and … Continued

Explosion Proof Scales with Set-point Options for Munitions Manufacturing

There are many kinds of munitions manufacturers, ranging from large companies and governments to smaller customer manufacturers. While some manufacture ammunition/bullets, others handle explosives. Munitions manufacture, however, by its very nature always creates a fire or explosion hazard that poses a threat to the safety of people and property. The Greatest Hazards Two of the … Continued

Reliable High Precision Scales for Measuring Minerals

Whether you manufacture fireworks, women’s make up, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, ink, semiconductors, computers, soaps, fertilizer or a host of other products, chances are you use a variety of minerals in their composition. However, some minerals such as gold, platinum, rhodium, coltan and lithium, among others, are extremely expensive. Measuring the amount of each mineral you want … Continued

Platform Scales for Amusement Parks

While someone’s ability to get on an amusement park ride is generally based on height, there are quite a few instances where this will depend upon their weight. If you have zip lines, slingshots, horseback riding, bungee jumping, or rock climbing walls, you need a reliable scale that can quickly weigh guests and get them … Continued