The Components of a Custom Weighing Kit

Whether you are working in a pharmaceutical laboratory helping to create a new generation of antibiotics, or you are running a waste management firm; you can find a scale that is designed with you in mind. However, sometimes the one size fits all standard model doesn’t fit a customer’s needs. The customer may require something … Continued

Controlling Flow Rate with Scales

When formulating chemicals and other liquids, sometimes it’s necessary for the various liquids to be mixed at an extremely precise ratio. In order to make this process more efficient and productive, it’s important to determine how to control the flow rate of these chemical ingredients so that an automated production line can be used to … Continued

Weighing Equipment Manufacturing with Arlyn Scales

Based in Long Island, New York, Arlyn Scales has been manufacturing weighing equipment for over thirty years. Our unique approach allows us to provide our customers with high quality, budget friendly weighing solutions. From our industrial strength strain gage scales to our ultra precision models, our products are durable, accurate, reliable, and entirely customizable. Industrial … Continued

Weighing Corrosive Chemicals with Arlyn Scales

Equipment corrosion is always an issue for companies whose daily operations require them to handle corrosive materials. Whether you weigh chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, alum, or phosphates, or liquefied gases such as ammonia, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, chloride, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen, accidents are bound to occur. Whether you deal with small leaks or … Continued

Batch Weighing Scales: SAW Technology Makes All the Difference

Batch weighing is a manufacturing process that is used to mix multiple ingredients and form a final product. Sometimes the process is fully or partially automated. In this process, the quality of the finished product is often directly related to how closely the manufacturer follows the formula. This is especially true for sensitive formulas used … Continued

Precision Scales Manufactured in the USA

As a New York based scales manufacturer, Arlyn Scales has better insight into the struggles many industries face when it comes to finding a precision scale at a price that works with their budget. We’ve been designing and fabricating our scales in our Long Island factory for over thirty years now as well as their … Continued

Weighing Equipment Used for Medical Purposes

Physicians are well aware of the fact that patients who do not or cannot maintain a normal body weight are at a higher risk for certain diseases or complications. While American obesity is the main topic discussion in our society these days, being underweight can also lead to serious health problems. The body relies on … Continued

Laboratory Balance Manufacturers: Custom Arlyn Application

With so many scale distributors and manufacturers, it can be hard to find a reliable laboratory balance manufacturer. Because the measurements that labs take are often extremely sensitive, itÕs important to find a manufacturer that can provide the high resolution, high precision instruments required by a respected laboratory. Arlyn Scales is a New York-based scale … Continued

Ultra Precision Scales for Sensitive Weighing Applications

When fractions of a pound can affect the quality of your final product, you need a high-resolution scale that provides superior performance. Whether you mix paint, manufacture semiconductors, run a laboratory or require decimal precision from your weighing instruments for any reason, chances are youÕre familiar with the difficult decision making process that comes with … Continued

Heavy Duty Floor Scales for Forge Shops

Whether you make decorative or utilitarian pieces, metal work is an art as well as a craft. From chairs, bed frames, home accents and architectural elements to tools like hammers and wrenches and component parts for airplanes, automobiles, tractors, ships, oil drilling equipment, engines, missiles and other capital equipment, forging is a multibillion dollar industry. … Continued