Waste Management Scales

Many people are unaware of the roles precision scales play in the waste management industry. The waste collection and management industry needs such precision in order to balance efficient collection with compliance to various health, safety and environmental regulations. Additionally, since some waste management companies are paid by weight, precise measurement helps maintain accurate billing. … Continued

Hanging Balance Scales

At Arlyn Scales, our goal is have the highest standards in scale design and production. Our job is to make your job easier. We have our factory based at our headquarters in Long Island, New York so we can ship factory direct to you, saving you as much money as possible by cutting out the … Continued

Industrial Weighing Automation Systems

As a leader in the weighing industry, Arlyn Scales is committed to both cutting edge technology and customer savings. We have believed in this principle for the past thirty years. Our scales are made in our factory in Long Island, New York. We house our factory and business together because it provides our customers with … Continued

The Most Durable Scales for Industrial Plants

Today’s industrial plants can be a very punishing environment for equipment. Not only do you have the issues of potentially large weights and hazardous corrosive materials, but you also have the pressures of the modern production line. Speed and accuracy are always expected. Therefore, it is necessary to find industrial grade scales that are both … Continued

Uses for High Resolution Scales

Precision accuracy and high resolution has been a desirable commodity for decades. The demand for these qualities keeps growing as industries create products that include extremely small pieces in their design. Fortunately, Arlyn Scales high resolution and ultra precision scales can help you weigh the very best product down to the smallest part. We have … Continued

Scales with High Capacity and High Resolution

Until recently, people that purchased scales were faced with an important decision. Did they want a scale that gave them a very fine resolution or did they want a scale that had a high capacity? You couldn’t have both because the heavier the load, the less precision a standard load cell could deliver. However, at … Continued

A Cost Effective Alternative to Force Motor Scales

Force motor scales, also called magnetic force restoration or MFR scales, are used when precise, high resolution measurements need to be taken. The resolution of a scale is the number of decimal places the scale can accurately produce. Scientific labs and paint mixers are just two examples of industries that would require this kind of … Continued

NEC Hazardous Area Classifications

The NEC, or National Electric Code, sets the standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment in the United States. There are certain work environments that have been specifically classified as hazardous due to the nature of the materials used in that environment. For example, warehouses that work with flammable gases and liquids … Continued

The Importance of Industrial Safety

In today’s industrial environments, there are many types of hazardous conditions. Whether or not it’s wood chips, gas vapor, flammable powder, or many more things, the pace of industrial productivity and performance can accidentally add the final element to a potentially deadly situation. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you find reliable scales that are rated … Continued

5 Characteristics of a Well Built Wheelchair Scale

At Arlyn Scales, we have been leading the scale industry for the past thirty years. It’s not because we have a magic one size fits all solution. It is because we are constantly learning. We research materials to make a better scale, technological advancements to make more cutting edge electronics, and pursue business opportunities to … Continued

The Best Scales for Handling Industrial Chemicals

Industrial chemicals can be tough on equipment. They can corrode metal and cause damage to electronic and other components. Most chemicals will not do that, but the industrial environment has enough potential for damaging substances to be on your scale or other equipment that it is best not to take any chances. With a little … Continued