Weighing Scales for Indoor Hazardous Locations

Weighing scales have a large range of applications in both the industrial and commercial arena. When it comes to industrial uses, there are a number of possibilities from mixing and dispensing to the simple counting of parts. Commercial uses are typically less varied – the main use of a scale in such a sector is … Continued

Scale Display Indicators For Factories & Laboratories

In your factory or laboratory environment, the weight of the items you produce is incredibly important. Your items are typically purchased by weight rather than count, especially if they are small, are in liquid form or some other form that is non-solid.   If you do sell items on a quantity basis then it is … Continued

Corrosion Resistant Scales For Chemical Facilities

When it comes to selecting the best scale for your business, you really need to understand all the options that are available to you. If your company’s procedures typically deal with handling chemicals, then you are going to need a scale that’s designed expressly to help you cope with the demands you will place upon … Continued

Scales For Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete batching is a specialized industry and one that forms one of the backbones of any country’s infrastructure. Concrete has numerous applications – buildings, roads, bridges and drains can all be manufactured using concrete. Concrete is actually the most commonly found man-made material on the planet. It is a mix of cement, water and some … Continued

Industrial Scale Indicator with Datalogging Capabilities

New features in our Upscale Indicator could save you valuable time and eliminate many errors when you’re logging and analyzing large data sets. If you’re in the market for a high-quality industrial scale, it’s important to not only choose a scale that will provide accurate weight readings for years to come, but also to learn … Continued

Scale Indicators With Custom Fields: Features to Help Manage Data Output

Did you know that even your simple scale can be optimized to increase efficiency in your processes? Today, some scales can be connected to an indicator device that transmits data instantly to a computer or mobile device – and we’ve just added a feature that will help you keep this raw data organized. At Arlyn … Continued

Electronic Drum Scales For Chemical Barrels

Consider two different companies. One of them is an electronics company that builds circuit boards. The other is a company that mixes chemicals into large drums. The first company must keep track of their inventory of electronic components capacitors, resistors, switches, diodes, and transistors. This company must make sure that they always adequately stocked of … Continued

Setpoint Controllers With Printing & Emailing Notifications

What is new in setpoint controllers at Arlyn Scales? When it comes to industrial scales, it’s obviously critical that the scale you choose can accurately weigh a variety of different items. Aside from accuracy, there are a variety of other features that can make weighing and tracking weight data much easier. No longer do you … Continued

Digital Weight Indicators with a User Management System

As companies search for more data and automation in their processes, naturally you seek reporting functions and controls similar to project management software. At Arlyn Scales we’ve upgraded our user management system in the UpScale Indicator so that you can view which of your employees was completing a task, and when. At Arlyn Scales we’re … Continued

Paper Counting Scales For Office Environments

There are wide ranges of counting scales and you’ve probably come across many of them. The scales that you’ve come across have perhaps been average, lacked the specifications you desire or just haven’t had what it would take to fit your need. The great news here is that though you can stop your search because … Continued

Industrial Scales For Sustainable Manufacturing

Just by existing, humans tend to pollute. However, we can all choose to do things in a more bio-friendly manner, especially manufacturers. Arlyn Scales manufactures and does all of the subassembly in-house in Long Island, New York, making it easier for us to control processes and reduce pollution.   Importantly, we’ve chosen environmentally-friendly buildings and … Continued