Arlyn Series 3200 Platform Scale Specification Sheet

Download PDF About the Arlyn Series 3200 Platform Scale Arlyn Scales offers the Series 3200, all electronic, Digital Platform Scale. These quality Industrial Platform Scales are built to withstand every type of requirement. There are no moving parts to wear out, and the large digital display eliminates errors. It features four stainless steel load cells … Continued

Commercial Scales for Sale

When you are in the market for commercial scales there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. You must know exactly what is needed for your business. Also, you need to know the maximum capacity of the scale and its durability. Once you know these simple facts, you will have … Continued

How Does a Load Cell Work?

While you might not realize it, load cells are everywhere. Almost every single piece of equipment that incorporates a scale somehow relies on one, so there’s a good chance you used one today even if you went 100 miles away from your company’s workshop. Whether you’re weighing produce at a grocery store or stepping on … Continued

Laboratory Scales

There are many uses for scales in a laboratory setting. Depending on the research being conducted, the items to be weighed might range from very small to very large. Therefore, a variety of weighing equipment might be necessary. The types of scales that are used in laboratory settings need to be precise, dependable, and affordable. … Continued

Weighing Scales for Heavy Duty Industrial Use

In an industrial society, which depends on importing and exporting materials, shipments of manufactured goods, corrosive liquids and gases and so much more, the weighing scale has become a fixture in daily use within the industrial environment. It is a fact that the formulation of a substance is dependent on a scale’s accuracy and that … Continued

Example of Analog and Digital Scales

If you were to travel back in time and show an ancient street merchant a digital weighing scale, he would have no idea what to do with it. However, over the entire course of history, scales have been just as important to the economy. Today, commercial scales play a fundamental role in the processing industry. … Continued

Agricultural Scales

Even today, agriculture is an important source of income and the world’s largest business. One-third of the economically active population obtains its livelihood from agriculture especially in remote parts of the world. The agricultural industry relies on scales as part and parcel of that enterprise, employing scales for everything from livestock to grain and feed … Continued