Parcel Scales

Parcel scales calculate the total weight of a product or item for shipping. These models are used in mailrooms and offices across the country for calculating the costs of sending various packages. They quickly determine the required postage for a package to be mailed. Digital models can have various rates programmed into them, depending on … Continued

Scales with High Capacity and High Resolution

Until recently, people that purchased scales were faced with an important decision. Did they want a scale that gave them a very fine resolution? Or did they want a scale that had a high capacity? You couldn’t have both because the heavier the load, the less precision a standard load cell could deliver. However, at … Continued

What Is A Load Cell And How Does It Work?

Load cells are transducers that convert mechanical energy into electrical signals. This mechanical energy tends to be a force like pressure, tension, compression, or torque. In short, these devices assist when weight provides any of these forces. Load cells can either be used in strain gauges, hydraulics, and pneumatics. At Arlyn Scales, we tend to … Continued

Bulk Material Weighing Systems

Bulk material weighing systems are often fast, fluid, and flexible. They handle large volumes of products to weigh on a regular basis and must be able to withstand higher amounts of weight. The latter is called a weight capacity. Checkweighing may also be a priority when you are transporting and weighing objects at the same … Continued

Industrial Scales with Remote Displays and Readouts

If your work environment has a lack of visibility or elements that interfere with weighing equipment, then you want an industrial scale that comes with a remote display and convenient readouts. They are designed for increasing the viewability of your results and make recording more reliable. You can also use them in environments where the … Continued

5000 Lb Capacity Industrial Floor Scale with Digital Indicator by Arlyn

No matter what you’re weighing, doing so in tons requires some special equipment and a really easy to use solution. Our series of 5200-floor scales are the perfect solution. We call this the 5000-lb Capacity industrial floor scale, complete with a digital indicator. Our floor scales use the best of class components. These include stainless … Continued

Strain Gauge Load Cell Basics: Definition and Working Principles

Many industrial scales use strain gauge load cells for accurate measurement. In fact, they are the standard for when a force is applied to a scale and then converted into electrical energy. That is why scale operators can troubleshoot if they know strain gauge load cell basics. If you know the working principle and what … Continued

What Does “Intrinsically Safe” Mean?

“Intrinsically Safe” is a term that generally refers to controlling thermal and electric energy releases within an industrial environment. It’s also a safety term that is subject to government regulation. Your scales and equipment need appropriate certification f to carry the label Intrinsically Safe. Some industries that require intrinsically safe equipment include chemicals, paints, solvents, … Continued