Paint Weighing Scales Used in the Automotive Industry

Scales and precise measurements are a key part of the automotive paint industry. Automotive paint is a complex substance with many different components. Precision is especially important in the paint mixing industry because any mistakes wind up being highly visible. You would never want to see two identical cars with supposedly identical paint jobs, but … Continued

How Internet Access Enhances an Industrial Scale’s Productivity

Internet access is a crucial part of increasing any industrial scale’s productivity. There was a time when such a feature would have been considered merely novel or useful, but now it is indispensable. To begin with, general data storage happens on hard drives or in the cloud for most organizations. In order to store your … Continued

Corrosion Resistant Scales Used in Wastewater Treatment Process

Certain work environments contain materials that are too corrosive for standard industrial weigh tanks, drums, and scales. One common example of this is water and wastewater treatment plants. When water and wastewater are being treated, it technicians often need to manipulate the pH levels of the liquids, which requires the addition of potentially caustic acidic … Continued

Dispensing of Raw Materials in the Pharmaceuticals Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is not forgiving to imprecision, nor should it be. The consequences of poorly manufactured pharmaceuticals for public health can be difficult to calculate. There’s no room for cutting corners when it comes to manufacturing the drugs that fight diseases, help manage pain, and improve overall well being. This is why pharmaceutical industry … Continued

Weighing Systems For The Industrial Sector

New emerging technology is making it easier each decade for manufacturers to produce goods quicker and more efficiently. Production systems are becoming more and more automated, which requires less manpower and allows for fewer possible errors. If an industrial company does not invest in the best technology out there, then it might fall behind its … Continued

Large Cylinder Scales for Weighing Liquefied Gasses

Companies that weigh liquefied gases on a regular basis often have a need for cylinder scales. With cylinder scales, employees can monitor the amount of gas left in a cylinder. This lets them know when to refill or replace the cylinder. With advances in scale technology, some cylinder scales can even be setup to notify … Continued

Low Cost High Accuracy Scales

A number of industries require high accuracy weight measurements in their manufacturing processes. Because this is a consistent need in production, it is best to find a price point at which you do not have to sacrifice too much money for a quality, reliable scale. Arlyn Scales has outfitted an incredible variety of industries with … Continued

Precision Scales Designed for Pharmaceutical Formulation

In the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy is incredibly important to ensure medications are always formulated correctly. One errant measurement could spell disaster and even lead to sickness, or death in patients due to incorrect medication dosage. Because of this need for highly accurate readings, many pharmaceutical companies look to precision scales when it’s time to purchase … Continued

Industrial Manufactured Scales: Custom Weighing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Not every weighing application is the same and neither is the environment in which objects are measured. So why would every industrial scale be the same as the next one? The fact is they’re not. There are many industrial scales in existence—different styles, different sizes, and different materials used to make them. When shopping for … Continued