Portable Gram Scales for Industrial Application

There are a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food that require highly precise weight readings. To ensure accurate formulations, gram precision scales are often required. In the past these scales were typically extremely expensive and had very low capacity constraints. Thankfully Arlyn Scales has pioneered an entirely new scale technology that allows … Continued

Portable Bench Scale for Heavy Industrial Applications

If you’re currently in the market for a heavy duty bench scale, there are a wide array of options, which can all quickly become overwhelming. You likely are looking for a portable bench scale that is able to provide highly accurate readings. Depending on your capacity constraints, you may also be looking for a scale … Continued

Batch Weighing System: 3 Key Benefits of Automating the Process

There are a variety of industries where products are assembled in a certain order, where batch processing is often necessary. For many years, the entire batch processing process had to be completed manually, but now with specialized equipment, including batch weighing scales, a level of automation exists that can help improve accuracy and productivity for … Continued

Electronic Bench Scales for the Food Industry

If your organization is in the food industry, you likely understand the importance of a reliable and cost effective electronic bench scale. There are a wide array of different uses for bench scales in the food industry, a few of which we’ll explain in more detail below. Before purchasing an electronic bench scale to be … Continued

Batch Weighing Scales With the Highest Accuracy

Certain manufacturing processes require the batch processing of a specific number and amount of products that are assembled in a certain order. While in the past, batch processing was almost entirely done manually, new equipment such as batch weighing scales exist to provide a level of automation to some of these highly repetitive tasks. The … Continued

Industrial Platform Scales for Sealant Manufacturers

Sealant companies have a tough job when it comes to accurately weighing and managing the variety of materials that go into the process of manufacturing sealants. These materials are often handled at high temperatures, which can be detrimental for certain industrial scales. In addition, the materials used in the sealant manufacturing process can include certain … Continued

Outdoor Pallet Scales for Harsh Environments

If you’re looking to use a pallet scale outdoors, you probably understand the need for the device to be able to stand up to the harshest of environments. Many digital scales simply aren’t able to stand up to extreme environments that are quite common with outdoor applications. When purchasing an outdoor pallet scale, it’s important … Continued

Custom Weighing Scales for Industrial Use

While there are a whole host of off-the-shelf industrial scales that meet the needs of many companies, some organizations need something that’s tailor-made to their exact business processes. Unfortunately, many scale manufacturers simply aren’t set up to manufacture custom weighing scales for industrial use. When you work with a company like Arlyn Scales, you’re working … Continued

Precision Scale Models: How to Choose the Right Specification

For many decades, scale owners had two main choices when it came to purchasing an industrial scale: strain gage scales or force motor scales. If customers needed precision measurements, they were left with only one choice: force motor scales. While force motor scales have their use, they do come with a variety of drawbacks. At … Continued

Commercial Weighing Scales for the Food Industry

As Americans, we largely take for granted the fact that we can easily go to a grocery store or restaurant and order exactly what we want, in the quantities that make the most sense based on our diet. Many of these recent conveniences are thanks to the modernization of food production technology. One technology in … Continued

Choosing an Industrial Counting Scales With the Right Printer

Many organizations not only need a highly accurate industrial scale, but they also need a high-quality printer to ensure that their business or facility is run as efficiently as possible. Printers can be used in conjunction with scales to print shipping labels, bar codes, or any other relevant data quickly and efficiently. Why Purchase a … Continued

Digital Scales for Factories and Laboratories

If you’re in the market for an industrial scale for a factory, or laboratory, there are no doubt large numbers of manufacturers to choose from. Laying out your exact needs can help you to be able to narrow down the manufacturers that offer scales that will be sufficient for you and your team. At Arlyn … Continued