Precision Balance Scale

Precision balance scales play a critical role in manufacturing high-quality products. They are vital for research and development, quality control, and healthcare settings by providing precise and reliable measurements. By measuring with exceptional accuracy, and for a variety of applications, these scales ensure consistency in workflow, output, and effectiveness. Additionally, the diversity in their application … Continued

Special Weighing Problems solved by Custom Load Cells

At Arlyn Scales, our experience in the industrial scale industry means we’re often approached by our customers to offer unique and custom scales for a variety of needs. These custom scales require features that we’ve worked extremely hard over the past several decades to perfect. One feature of our scales that we’re extremely proud of … Continued

How to Integrate Your Scale with 3rd Party Tools & Platforms

Metrology equipment is vital for a diverse range of industrial and commercial operations. The good news is that there is an abundance of options available to businesses, both large and small. However, as your operators become more familiar with your weighing systems, they’ll begin to notice inefficiencies. In these cases, it’s often sensible to turn … Continued

Case Study: Intrinsically Safe Scales for Manufacturing Automotive Paints

Different industries have various hazardous locations in warehouses and workspaces. The reasons could be chemicals that release flammable gasses or vapors. Paint fumes and vapor protection are also important. That’s why having scales and intrinsically safe electrical equipment can improve quality control, compliance, and safety. How To Keep Employees Safe In A Hazardous Environment, Especially … Continued

How To Tell If A Load Cell Has Gone Bad

When load cells start to malfunction, they can prove to be a nuisance to the managers and operators in charge of them. They serve as the backbone for industrial scales, providing accurate measurements no matter the circumstances. When they can’t provide that accuracy, then it can affect the business. That’s why it’s vital that you … Continued

Industrial Scales with Checkweighing Features

Anyone who manages industrial, commercial, or manufacturing operations likely appreciates any opportunity to optimize their processes. Weight is an integral variable in practically every industry, from the production of goods to final fulfillment. By streamlining your weighing operations, you’re empowered to maximize efficiency on your floor. With checkweighing platforms, your operators won’t need to remember … Continued

Precision Scale Models: How to Choose the Right Specification

For many decades, scale owners had two main choices when it came to purchasing an industrial scale: strain gauge scales or force motor scales. If a customer needed precision measurements, they were left with only one option: force motor scales. While force motor scales have their use, they do come with a variety of drawbacks. … Continued

Precision Scale Components: The Best Load Cell for High Resolution

Metrology equipment like industrial scales are essential for a wide range of commercial operations. Higher resolution is particularly important for any operation in which you must be able to detect the most minute changes in weight. For many years, high load cell resolution was something that could only be found on a laboratory scale. Resolution … Continued

Hanging Weight Scale

Scales are used in every industry. Whether for weighing produce at the grocery store, or weighing livestock on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, scales are indispensable equipment. There are a wide variety of digital scales used in different industries. These include bench scales, floor scales, and parts counting scales. A less common, but important type … Continued