Shipping Scales: Finding the Perfect Solution For Your Business

Shipping Scales: Finding the Perfect Solution For Your Business Every individual needs to mail envelopes and packages eventually, right? Obviously, some people visit the USPS or FedEx store locations and drop boxes more frequently than others, but still—we all go there. Businesses, on the other hand, ship a lot of envelopes and packages. Companies heavily … Continued

New Weighing Technology: Surface Acoustic Wave

If you’ve been exposed to weighing technology, you’ve likely heard of the strain gage load cell.  This is the most common type of technology used by scale manufacturers around the world.  Just because it’s the most common technology used in our industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best fit for your needs. In fact, … Continued

Industrial Scales For The Cannabis Industry

Scales are quite commonly used in the cannabis industry, from production of THC-infused products to retail medical and recreational dispensaries. While most of these situations call for commercial digital digital scales, the prodution of cannabis concentrates often involves highly flammable and explosive gases. In a hazardous environment such as this, intrinsically safe, explosion proof scales … Continued

Arlyn Series 5200 Large Floor Scale Specification Sheet

Download PDF About The Arlyn Series 5200 Large Floor Scale The Arlyn Series 5200 all electronic Large Floor Scales boast expensive features for a low price. Instead of aluminum or plated steel, there are four heavy duty stainless steel load sensors, which are bolted into protection pockets in the frame of the scale for maximum … Continued

Arlyn Series 620G Gas Cylinder Scales Specification Sheet

Download PDF About The Arlyn Series 620G Gas Cylinder Scales Liquefied gas cylinders are used in numerous industrial processes. The semiconductor industry is one typical application.Monitoring the pressure in the cylinder is not an effective way to determine the amount of contents because the pressure will stay near maximum until just before the last of … Continued

Arlyn Series 3250 “Rail-less” Drum Scales Specification Sheet

Download PDF About the Arlyn Series 3250 Drum Scale Tough, dependable, low profile barrel and drum scales withstand the heavy use of rolling drums up the ramp and onto the scale platform. Just 1 7/8″ high, loading and unloading becomes much easier. Most scales of this style require higher “side rails” which restrict the size … Continued

Pallet Scales for Industrial Applications

Imagine trying to live in a world where palletized shipping never became a thing. Consider that shipping pallets have greatly altered the way that almost every single type of commodity is transported. It would be almost unthinkable to live in a world that lacked this vital technology. That is why pallet scales for industrial applications … Continued

Arlyn Series 3200 Platform Scale Specification Sheet

Download PDF About the Arlyn Series 3200 Platform Scale Arlyn Scales offers the Series 3200, all electronic, Digital Platform Scale. These quality Industrial Platform Scales are built to withstand every type of requirement. There are no moving parts to wear out, and the large digital display eliminates errors. It features four stainless steel load cells … Continued

How Does a Load Cell Work?

While you might not realize it, load cells are everywhere. Almost every single piece of equipment that incorporates a scale somehow relies on one, so there’s a good chance you used one today even if you went 100 miles away from your company’s workshop. Whether you’re weighing produce at a grocery store or stepping on … Continued

Laboratory Scales

There are many uses for scales in a laboratory setting. Depending on the research being conducted, the items to be weighed might range from very small to very large. Therefore, a variety of weighing equipment might be necessary. The types of scales that are used in laboratory settings need to be precise, dependable, and affordable. … Continued