How to Calibrate Load Cells

When it comes to industrial scales, one of the most important components is proper calibration. Unfortunately, the process to calibrate most scales is arduous and complicated, which can spell significant revenue loss for growing companies. Many scale manufacturers require their users to actually take their scales out of service for calibration, and some even require … Continued

How Drum Scales Can Use Less Floor Space

Drums are used to hold materials in all types of industrial applications. These large drums can be extremely awkward and heavy, making them difficult for your employees to handle. Another complication is that these drums often need to be accurately weighed to ensure accurate formulations are being prepared, or simply for shipping product out to … Continued

Laundry Scales with Improved Efficiency

If you work in or manage a facility where laundry is handled, you understand the importance of accurately weighing garments and linens. There are countless industrial scales on the market, but when you’re weighing large amounts of laundry several times per day, it’s important that the equipment you choose is up to the task. At … Continued

LCD Display and Graphics Capability in Industrial Weighing Scale

One of the mainstays in the industrial scale industry is the display indicator. When scales were first invented, an analog display indicated an item’s weight, but as technology improved digital indicators became more popular and are still in use today. While digital display indicators are often sufficient, a few years ago we decided to investigate … Continued

Parcel Scales Used in Mail Rooms and Offices

Companies that must mail large quantities of items often find that it pays to have a parcel scale in-house. This way companies can save money by utilizing bulk mail pricing based on precision measurements. By utilizing postal scales, companies can save serious money, especially if they’re mailing a large number of pieces on a regular … Continued

High Precision Balances: 3 Use Cases

At Arlyn Scales, one of our latest innovations is our Ultra Precision Scales, which offer our customers the precision weight readings they’ve been looking for at a price that’s comparable to a strain gage scale. In this article, we’ll introduce you to our Ultra Precision Scales and discuss a few use cases for these scales … Continued

Chemical Scales for Hazardous and Flammable Environments

If you’re working in an environment where hazardous or flammable chemicals are present, you likely understand the need for equipment that is safe for use in these environments. Standard equipment, that’s not specifically designed for these extreme environments, can quickly catch fire, and cause a scenario where major damage is done, or possibly even injury … Continued

Programmable Weight Indicator for Professional Scales

For many years the standard weight indicator was a simple digital display that showed the weight of an item placed on the scale platform and possibly had a few buttons that allowed users to control the scale. While this type of display served its purpose well for many years, thanks to advances in technology, today’s … Continued

Platform Scales Used in the Airline Industry

The airline industry has seen quite a few changes over the past several decades. With the introduction of the internet, airlines quickly realized that they could begin selling airline tickets online and help to reduce the costs typically associated with travel agents, and even additional call center staff. In addition to the changes in the … Continued

Durable Scales for Weighing Heavy Weights and Materials

In the industrial scale market, there’s little that’s more important than the durability of a scale. Impressive specifications are great, but it really comes down to how well a scale holds up in harsh industrial conditions. At Arlyn Scales, we not only manufacture high-quality industrial scales, but we also ensure that they’re able to stand … Continued

Data Collection Using Industrial Scales

With computers driving the majority of industrial facilities today, it’s critical that industrial scales are able to communicate with a variety of devices to help streamline how to weight data is transferred throughout a facility. Thanks to advances in technology, not only can you access weight data through a variety of computers in your facility, … Continued

Portable Gram Scales for Industrial Application

There are a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food that require highly precise weight readings. To ensure accurate formulations, gram precision scales are often required. In the past these scales were typically extremely expensive and had very low capacity constraints. Thankfully Arlyn Scales has pioneered an entirely new scale technology that allows … Continued