How To Weigh A Gas Cylinder

Liquified gas cylinders are ubiquitous throughout industry. Some of the more common types include carbon dioxide, chlorine, ammonia, liquified propane gas, also known as lpg, nitrous oxide, and many, many others. The most common size cylinder used is about 9” in diameter, and can be about 45” in height. There are specific industries that use, … Continued

Portable Industrial Scales

Portable industrial scales are ubiquitous in almost every manufacturing organization. A range of different types of weighing equipment is used in various applications. A great number of scales have the appropriate features for industrial applications. They also meet industry standards. Benefits Of Portable Weighing Equipment At times when an item needs to be weighed, it … Continued

Scales For OEMs And Engineering

Weighing requirements are ubiquitous throughout industrial settings. Industrial scales are used as stand-alone devices and as subsystems for original equipment manufacturers. They are available in many different formats, including platform scales, bench scales, floor scales, and ultra-precision scales. A number of distinguished brand names are known in the industry as offering a quality product. They … Continued

Portable Pallet Scales for Sale Online

Many different types of industrial operations require pallet scales to weigh materials. This can happen with shipping and receiving or on the manufacturing floor. As a broad generalization, the scale should be heavy-duty, high quality, and accurate to achieve the desired goals. A wide range of industrial scales is available for a wide range of … Continued

Remote Displays for Scales and Industrial Weighing Equipment

Weighing systems usually incorporate some type of User Interface. Naturally, the person operating the scale needs to see the amount of weight on the scale platform. They often also need to use controls to instruct the scale for specific operations, such as displaying the weight in the correct units of pounds, or grams, or some … Continued

How to Understand Weighing Scale IP Ratings

Scales are an important part of the industrial world. They are used in most manufacturing processes, shipping and receiving, packaging, and formulation. Just as there are many different uses for scales, there are also many different types of scales available. Shipping and receiving utilize platform scales and floor scales. Bench scales and parts counting scales … Continued

Load Cell Mounting and Installation Tips and Best Practices

In common terminology, a load cell is a device which converts a weight into an electrical signal. A more technical term would be a type of force transducer. In the broadest sense, a transducer converts energy from one format into another. Ideally, the transfer happens through the base of the load cell as force is … Continued

Dynamic Weighing Scales & Indicators

Scales are used to measure weight. When an item is placed on the scale platform, it causes a weight transducer internal to the scale to respond to that weight with an electrical signal. This signal is sent to a Weight Indicator, or sent electronically to some other control system, to utilize that information. Usually, this … Continued

Digital Weighing Indicators Review: Arlyn Upscale v. MKE-5 Display Indicator

Squinting at a small display is not only irritating; it also increases the chances of making a mistake in measuring. Both the Arlyn UpScale and MKE-5 display indicators have clear retina-pampering displays. Either indicator should work quite well in a variety of use cases. However, taking a look at the two head-to-head is an interesting … Continued

Precision Scales For Liquid Processing Plants

Imagine a large dairy pumping out huge amounts of liquid on a daily basis. The materials they’re working with slosh around as containers get moved and the installation is quite humid. Trying to get a precise measurement under these conditions is difficult if not impossible for many people, but any mistakes made can cause serious … Continued

Heavy-Duty Scales: 3 Calibration Tips

If your organization uses heavy-duty scales, then you need to make sure they are always producing accurate information. Companies often try, but no one as of yet has created the perfect scale – the laws of physics, which include the expansion, and failing of metal over time, plus other factors such as environmental conditions, means … Continued