Platform Scales for the Airline Industry: Accurately Weighing Passengers and Luggage

In the United States of America and throughout the world, people fly every place everyday. Air travel is widespread—there’s no doubt about it. Commercial airline companies fly millions of passengers on tens of thousands of aircraftday in and day out.

In general, the weight of one person or one piece of luggage is of little consequence to the operation of a commercial jet, especially because commercial airlines have developed statistical information to estimate the average weights of passengers and additional cargo on planes. Statistics are used to determine safe weight loads for airplanes and specific trips, and safety margins are built into the values produced.

Weight Capacities on Small and Large Commercial Jets

Large jets can have passenger capacities ranging between 60 and 400 passengers and these planes carry the vast majority of commercial traffic. Increases in fuel costs have caused airlines to rely on hub networks to reduce the number of flights they have. Many flights that come into main hubs are satisfied by smaller regional aircrafts. Airlines are substituting bigger planes with smaller aircraft in as many routes as possible, because larger jets consume higher amounts of fuel.  Small aircraft typically have 20 to 45 seats.

A new type of service has emerged called Air Taxis. This service has become popular recently and the purpose of it is to provide air services for less popular routes. Air Taxis are used on a supply and demand basis. It’s typical for Air Taxis to have only 5 to 8 available passenger seats.

Weighing Smaller Aircraft

The statistical information airline companies use to monitor the weights of massive jets is one thing, but the information is not always useful for small aircraft. The statistical model used to measure airplanes must offer a high level of certainty that planes are capable of carrying their loads and the aircraft will have enough fuel to get them wherever they’re going. If there are only 5 passengers on an Air Taxi, then it does not make sense to assume the total weight of the passengers is near the average weight of passengers normally on the aircraft. There is a possibility that all 5 passengers are well above the average weight. Therefore, it would only be safe to design the flight parameters based on this assumption.

To maximize the benefit of every individual flight, it’s useful to know the correct weight of each passenger and their luggage. If the 5 passengers were equal to the statistical average weight, then it is possible to carry more cargo or reduce the amount of fuel loaded on the plane, achieving better fuel economy.

Air Taxis Use Platform Scales To Measure Passengers and Luggage

Many Air Taxi services use electronic platform scales to measure the weights of passengers and their luggage. Platform scales are designed to measure people and other large items, and the scales send the weight readings to nearby computers that have custom applications for tracking the weight measurements of all items going on to a particular plane. The measurements of luggage and other cargo can be weighed on platform scales too.

The platform scales used by airline companies must be large enough for passengers of every size to feel comfortable standing on the scale platforms. Arlyn Scales’ 3200 Series Platform Scale is ideal for the weighing purposes of airline companies. A platform that is 20-inches by 27-inches and very low profile (1 & 7/8 inches), this particular scale is easy for passengers to step on to. The capacity of this scale is 1,000 pounds and it has a readability of .2 pounds. Passengers of every size can be weighed accurately. This size scale is also useful for weighing cargo.

Standard 3200 Platform Scales

The most basic platform scale offered by Arlyn Scales is the aluminum-constructed Standard 3200 Platform Scale. This scale is available in numerous platform dimensions. Each dimension option is available with 2 different maximum capacity/resolution choices. Every scale’s platform sits 1 & 7/8 inch off the ground. 

Platform Dimensions Available:

  • 20-inches by 27-inches
  • 22-inches by 27-inches
  • 27-inches by 60-inches
  • 30-inches by 30-inches
  • 36-inches by 36-inches
  • 48-inches by 48-inches

Maximum Capacity and Resolution Combinations Offered:

  • 500 pound maximum capacity and .1 pound resolution
  • 1,000 pound maximum capacity and .2 pound resolution

If a customer’s desired platform dimensions are not seen above, then he or she can give Arlyn Scales a call to make accommodations for a custom-made platform size. Keep in mind: the bigger the platform size, the higher the price will be. Also, scales with 1,000-pound maximum capacities are more expensive than scales with 500-pound capacities.

Software Specific To Individual Airline Companies

Every airline company has its own proprietary software program for tracking weight measurements. Platform scales by Arlyn Scales are provided with USB ports that can transmit the weight data collected to airline companies’ computer systems.

Arlyn Scales provides customers with a Windows-based software utility that reads weight collected from the platform scales we manufacture. The software can target any field in the users’ proprietary software. The data is automatically entered into the software’s fields and the information is transmitted from the scale to the software program. This allows the scales to be compatible with a range of user applications.

Platform scales by Arlyn Scales can be used in many types of locations. The scales are provided with a power adaptor and a rechargeable battery pack. The pack can last as long as 7 days on a single charge. When the scales are plugged into power outlets, the scales can operate and the battery packs attached will automatically recharge, as well.

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