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Precision Weighing Scales

Precision weighing scales are essential aspects of many businesses. They are necessary for determining the exact weights of livestock, the weight of the cargo for a plane or ship, the correct dosage of food or medicine for animals, and more. Any business does not have the time to waste with second guessing inaccurate scales. We understand this need, and have created lines of weighing products designed to ensure accuracy while remaining durable and easy to use. Our scales are designed to meet a variety of uses, and we are dedicated to helping find scales and weighing equipment to assist your business.

Industrial Scales can be used to fill a variety of uses. They can be used for weighing everything from steel drums to cargo and luggage. These scales often need to be capable of weighing amounts in excess of one thousand pounds. For this reason, we offer tools that serve a variety of weight classes.

When you are buying an industrial scale, it is important to take into account some practical specifications. For example, when buying a platform scale for weighing items of one thousand pounds or more, be sure to have the platform no more than two inches off the ground. Also always check to be sure that either side of the platform has ramps for ease of loading items on and off the scale. The weight that the scale is capable of handling also greatly affects the price, so do not just buy the largest scale available to try and be safe. Rather, take an accurate account of how much you are going to be weighing and buy the appropriate size scale.

For those in the market for hanging scales, such as companies in the steel industry, be sure to buy a scale that your scale has an accuracy of .1%. Inaccurate measurements can be very detrimental so take advantage of the technology. Also be sure the scale has large readable numbers so you can clearly read the result. Swivel hooks are also very convenient for helping to manipulate the loads needing to be weighed.

Veterinary and Animal Scales

Scales related to animals can serve a variety of purposes. Veterinarians, farmers, and other workers often benefit from knowing the exact weight of the animals in their care. Unfortunately, unless the animal is tranquilized, it can be impossible to get an accurate measurement of weight while they refuse to stay still. Weight average and hold functions, available on our products, allow for the determination of the exact weight, even when the animal is moving around. Anti-slip functions also assist with providing safe use of the machine, and water resistant materials help to extend the life of the scale. These scales also come with various weight capacities, so by sure to buy the machine needed for your industry.

These scales can be very important for those caring for animals, especially in case of illness. When animals need medication, determining the animalÕs weight is essential to dispensing the proper dosage. A wrong estimate can result in the medicine doing more harm than good. The accuracy of the scales cannot be taken for granted in this or any other case.

Specialty Scales

There are a number of specialty options that can be obtained to compliment the scale, or scales purchased for specific situations. For example, many people prefer digital scale indicators. These numbers are often easier to read, and can create readouts to be recorded through an Ethernet connection, analog output, and other options. The digital component also means that a variety of people using the scale will all come away with the same reading. The exact weight will be visible, in plainly written numbers, leaving no room for reading errors. Hanging scales can also come with swivel hooks and shackles to aid with movement.

For those who need weight measurements with extreme accuracy, there are also ultra precision scales that offer an accuracy of .005%. The scales are hypersensitive, and come with sound acoustic wave technology. Despite their extreme sensitivity, the scales are built to work for years, and even come with a three-year warranty. There are also high-resolution scale options that have a resolution up to 20 times the average.

Custom Made Scales

Those who require accurate, heavy-duty scales often have many unique needs for the scales. For that reason, the scales are designed to have a variety of capacities, from very small weights to capacities of over 2,000 pounds.

There are also a number of custom designed elements that can be used with the scales to help the end user. For example, we have developed an automatic liquid dispensing tool, which allows for accurate measurement and control of a liquid based on the weight. For those dealing with very small amounts of liquid, there are flow rate controls, which use ultra-precision sensors to determine how much liquid is escaping the holding container to determine flow rates. Aggregate weighing mechanisms also use sensors designed with high precision in mind to make extremely accurate weigh-ins. Liquefied gas tank monitors, which are frequently used by those in the semiconductor industry, measure and keep track of gas tank contents while the tank is being processed. Gates and chutes can even be controlled by special livestock sorting weight machines that have the capacity to send the applicable information to computer applications and aide in keeping track of data. Many industries also like the ease with which the weight for bins can be continually monitored and sent out over the Internet to various locations. The lowÐlevel alarm option is frequently taken advantage of, so the bins can be monitored remotely. Finally, there are also custom weighing kits, which can be added to any device to ensure that your scale will fit the needs of you and your business.

Scales are an integral aspect of many fields. The accuracy they give helps with the health of animals, the safety of plane and cargo ships, gauging rain, and measuring for a variety of industries. When buying precise weighing scale, it is essential that the technology is created and manufactured by those who understand the various aspects of creating scales for professional use. Arlyn Scales builds materials that are designed for accuracy, and offers many advanced and custom features to ensure that the scale you order fits your needs.

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