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Portable Livestock Scales

Portable livestock scales allow owners and farmers an accurate way to weigh their livestock under multiple conditions without constraints. The scales deliver strength and durability against the weight of large, hefty animals. Portable livestock scales are most common among ranchers, farmers and veterinarians, who all use the scale to meet a variety of purposes and locations.

Types of Animals Portable livestock scales weigh an assortment of animals including cattle, horses, llamas, sheep, dogs, alpacas, pigs and goats. Portable scales work for all varieties of livestock, both large and small. Ideal for livestock showcase weighing These livestock scales allow farmers to weigh their animals with an accuracy even accountants would admire. These scales produce accurate results so there are no surprises at livestock shows or when the animals go for sale. The scales calculate results up to 1/10th of a pound. Livestock scales can also weigh grain that can be used to measure the harvest and prepare for sales. Scales for competitive use A competitive horse racer also needs an accurate scale. In competitive horse racing, a 1/10th of a pound can make the difference between a weight class or a 1/10th of a seconds between first and second place. Livestock scales work well for 4-H projects to teach teenagers about the animals and prepare them for success at livestock shows and in the community. A Vet's best friend Livestock scales provide veterinarians with an accurate reading of their animalŐs health and weight. Additionally, these scales can be tailored to the specific needs of a veterinarian, who travel and connect to computers. Stable even against motion If an animal squirms on the scale, the weight will should not be affected. Portable livestock scales are designed to read an accurate weigh even against the shifting motions and squirming of livestock. The feature especially benefits veterinarians who work with animals out of their element and without the presence of the owner. Key features A small stature masks a robust frame. At platform heights around of less than 2 feetinches, the animals encounter no burden difficulty when they step on the portable livestock scale. Additionally, the scale receives no unnecessary strain from animals plopping down. These scales absorb shock and day-to-day abuse from hefty animals with ease. The lack of moving parts strengthens the scales' welded frame--usually constructed of alloy--supporting the scale against 100s and 1,000s of pounds of pressure. A water-resistant design and use of stainless steel materials protects the sensors against moisture, keeping portable livestock scales safe from the elements or a thorough cleaning. These scales deliver state-of-the-art technology. Customers can add Ethernet connections, digital memory logs, a rechargeable battery and a USB port to connect to a computer. The features allow farmers to send weights to bidder over the Internet. The technology allows veterinarians to instantly catalog the results into a computer to keep digital medical records. A portable scale weighs enough to survive the weight of large animals and still be effective for easy travel. A multi-year-warranty for parts and labor protects farmers and veterinarians from worry the portable scale will not last against travel. The warranty protects customers against fears that the rigors of day-to-day weighing will break the scale before they get their money's worth. The scales come in multiple sizes and prices to cater to size distinctions between livestock.
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