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Paper Counting Scales

Paper counting scales, or simply counting scales, answer three questions: how much does it weigh? How much do its parts weigh? How many pieces or parts are there?Paper counting scales are ideal for business and industry, where weights and quantity equals cents and dollars.

Print shops or copy centers use paper counting scales to weigh standard, 8 and 1/2 by 11-inch sheet of paper and business cards for customers. A paper counting scale guarantees a customer receives 50 business cards instead of 49 and is not charged for more.

Paper counting scales are for more than counting paper.

  • Media production and copy centers users paper counting scales for when CDs, DVDs and digital media are created, sorted, weighed and packed for shipping. The scales measure stacks of CDs to make sure the packages are not short or too generous.
  • Plumbers and contractors use the scales to measure the weight and sizes of copper fittings. This prevents fitting from being too large and makes sure the exact amount of necessary copper is used.
  • Hose, cable, chain and rope manufacturers use paper counting scales by calculating the weight of one size cable. Then the weight of the one cable and the amount of feet can be used to determine the feet of other cables, simply based on weight.
  • Homebuilders use paper counting scales to measure wire and cable products throughout a home to save overall costs on wiring a home.

The essential function of paper counting scales is to eliminate unnecessary costs from using too much product and to eliminate unnecessary complaints from for using too little product.

  • A paper counting scale should be durable for the rigors of industrial warehouses and manufacturing.
  • A paper counting scale should be portable. A paper counting scale, like a handheld calculator, is best used everywhere, because then the scale can go to the objects, instead of objects always having to be delivered to the scale.

An accurate paper counting scale relies on two necessary features.

  • A paper scale should contain provide high resolution and readability. A good level of repeatability guarantees that multiple weighs will not yield different results that could change prices or add to frustration.
  • Two seconds is the typical stabilization time for paper scales. A fast stabilization time allows users to weigh more items in a shorter period of time, with less pauses and delays.

Paper counting scales should contain certain features.

  • An AC adapter makes paper counting scales portable. They can be used in the office or on the road. An AC adapter allows the paper counting scales to be recharged at a moment's notice or run without a backup battery.
  • The option for battery power besides AC adapter adds to portability.
  • An easy-to-use interface with several rich digital displays and fewer buttons that require less of the user. The displays should show total weight, unit weight and quantity.
  • An internal memory keeps a running count of items, which allows for multiple overall counts and saves time for large packages that contain several smaller packages. For example a box of CDs spindles that contain CDs on each spindle.
  • A buzzer or light should be present to alert users when the scales exceeds or meets a certain quantity or weight.

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