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How to Measure the Nearest Thousandth on a Balance Scale

Ultra precision weighing is a necessity for many industries. Finely tuned formulation such as paint mixing requires an ultra-precision scale to maintain consistency for each color of paint used. For a paint company, an inaccurate paint color formulation can be disastrous. However, it is sometimes difficult to precisely weigh a heavy load.

As a leader in the scale industry for the past thirty years, we at Arlyn Scales pride ourselves on our innovative thinking. We push the technological envelope to create the most accurate scales on the market. Additionally, we make the scales out of the most rugged and durable materials. Our scales are manufactured in our factory in Long Island, New York next to our headquarters. We can ship factory direct to you and save you a lot of money that would otherwise only go to a middle man. The money we save from shipping factory direct goes right back into your scale. This gives you a scale that no one can beat even at a regular retail price.

Thanks to our new Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, we are pleased to introduce our Ultra Precision Scales. This innovation allows us to make this scale not only with high accuracy and resolution, but with a capacity that exceeds other precision scales. With our scale, you no longer need to choose between precision and capacity.

High Accuracy and High Resolution

During the past sixty years, the standard load cell was a strain gauge load cell. The load cell is the fundamental component of scale. The strain gauge load cell resembles a small diving board and measures stress. ItÕs often made out of aluminum and is placed between the platform and the bottom of the scale. When a weight is placed upon the platform, the load cell bends under the force. It generates an electrical signal that the scale interprets as weight.

The reason this load cell is manufactured out of aluminum is because the load cell must be very sensitive to measure the stress of the load. However, the fragility of the load cell means that it can be damaged very easily. The damage mostly occurs with shock loading and over loading. Over loading happens when a weight beyond the scaleÕs capacity is placed on the scale platform. Shock loading is when a load is dropped onto the scale platform from a significant height. When this damage occurs, the scaleÕs accuracy becomes inconsistent. At that point, the scale must be repaired. This means loss of time, productivity, and money.

Our SAW technology offers an escape from this situation. SAW load cells measure displacement instead of stress and you only need a fraction of displacement compared to what you need for a stress sampling. This allows our Ultra Precision Scales to be much more accurate and rugged than standard strain gage scales. Coupled with our electronics, we have achieved both a high degree of precision and resolution.

Resolution is the smallest increment of weight that a scale can display. Most scales balances that offer higher capacities can only can show weight down to the hundredth of pound. Our scale takes it down to the thousandth of a pound, i.e. .001 vs. .01.

Durable for Larger Capacities

Our Ultra Precision Scales can handle weights up to 500 lbs. Most other precision scales have a far lower capacity. We also make sure the scale is rugged and durable enough to handle such a dramatically increased capacity. Our competitors tend to make their scales out of sheet metal which is less durable. We create our Ultra Precision Scales with a welded construction. The scale frame is made out of welded stainless steel and the platform is also created from stainless steel. Combined with our robust load cells, our scale can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Formulation Assistance

We also offer an optional set point controller. This is an excellent tool for the kind of formulation required for something as precise as paint mixing. The controller allows the user to set up to eight weight values. Once a weight has been reached, an electronic signal can be sent via solid state relays to shut off a dispensing pump or another tool. Entering differing weight values for various colors of paints would help you automate mixing, enabling your personnel to attend to other duties that require human supervision. Also, by automating your formula, each batch of paint will be exactly the correct color. The controller is extremely user friendly and other customers have been extremely positive in their feedback.

Tailor Made

Should you find that our scales do not quite give you what you are looking for, we are more than happy to sit down with you to customize a scale for you. Should you require more capacity, we offer our ultra precision scale in capacities up to 500 lbs. If you need USB, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet connectivity for your scale, we have a variety of options that we are sure will address your needs. We can also discuss a scale that is space efficient and can work in a compact work environment. In short, we can work with you to address any concerns you may have regarding your weighing needs.

Our Greatest Investment

Our customers are what make our company successful. That is why we make sure we have the best customer support staff in the industry. Not only is our staff highly knowledgeable in our product line, but they are experienced in the scale industry in general. So, they are able to talk with you to help you determine the best scale possible. They can discuss any custom options as well as make sure that whatever scales you purchase stays within your budget. We have made sure that you will receive nothing but courteous and expert service. We do not want your first scale purchase from us to be your last. So, please contact us online at our Contact Page or call us at 1-800-645-4301. We are excited to begin working with you to address all of your industrial scale needs.

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Large Ultra Precision Scales with Super Sensitivity and SAW Technology
Large Ultra Precision Scales with Super Sensitivity and SAW Technology
From $2,099.00

Large Ultra Precision Scales with Super Sensitivity

Arlyn's Large Ultra Precision Scales offer a superior accuracy at a factory direct cost that can't be beat. With the super sensitivity of our 7100 series or the utilization of our SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) technology, these scales are optimized for better performance.
Check our Scale Technology Section.

  • Super Sensitivity
    Our High Resolution scales offer a sensitivity of up to 20 times that of regular scales.

  • Full Functioned
    Enjoy easy viewing on large, backlit, LCD dual display. This model has a zero button, offers 15 different weighing units (g, lb, oz, kg, etc.), has a parts counting and check weighing function for your convenience, and automatic zero tracking and stability control. A wide variety of options are available, including RS-232, Ethernet, rechargeable battery pack, setpoint controller for automatic filling, and others.

  • Super Accuracy
    With an accuracy of 0.005% and a display resolution up to 1 part in 400,000. The internal resolution is up to 1 part in 2 million!

  • No Set Up
    No set up or dealer service required. Automatic calibration

  • Rugged Construction
    This scale is built to last. Manufactured with a diecast aluminum frame, stainless steel weighing pan and click type switches.

  • Wide Range of Capacities
    Many other capacities available.

Series SAW

SAW-HL 200 lb x .002 lb / 90 kg x 1 g 20" x 23" $2,099.00
SAW-JL 300 lb x .002 lb / 135 kg x 1 g 20" x 23" $2,299.00
SAW-KL 500 lb x .005 lb / 225 kg x 2 g 20" x 23" $2,599.00
SAW-KXL 500 lb x .005 lb / 225 kg x 2 g 31.5" x 31.5" $3,399.00
SAW-MXL 1000 lb x .01 lb / 450 kg x 5 g 31.5" x 31.5" $3,799.00