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Intrinsically Safe Scales

Arlyn Scales supports many types of clients, including those that work with hazardous materials. Typical scale use in a volatile environment, such as areas that have flammable fumes, can easily lead to a fire. A common scale uses electrical power, generally up to 15 volts. However, this relatively high voltage can create a spark which will ignite the nearby flammable fumes. Clients must have another option for weighing items. Arlyn Scales has responded with specialized, and intrinsically safe, Explosive Environment Scales.

On the surface, a client would not be able to differentiate between an intrinsically safe scale and a basic scale. Arlyn Scales mastered the safe design so that users would still feel comfortable using the specialized weight scale; functions and interfacing with the display are exactly the same. It is the internal construction that is the key difference between the two scale types.

The electronic circuitry within the scale was designed to use very little voltage; each component and wiring length is insulated to retain heat and prevent electrical shorting. Powering the scale is a C cell rechargeable battery. The lack of an external electrical cable plugged into an outlet prevents another possibility of a surge or short that can cause a harmful ignition.

Arlyn Scales understands that a scale is prone to wear and tear over time from placing heavy items on its platform. In response, designers have created a sturdy holder to prevent any wear and tear to the battery, which can spark and cause a fire if harmed. The holder is built of pure aluminum; any drop or damage aimed at the battery will be impeded by the holder's strength.

An intrinsically safe scale must have a practical design to prevent a battery short from loose leads. Arlyn Scales constructed the battery holder to stop any power leaving the battery if a short is detected in the leads; this automatic power impedance prevents internal electrical shorting. The short must be resolved before the battery will emit any more electrical power.

Clients may be concerned with the low level of electricity running through the scale. Will the scale still have the necessary accuracy as a non-intrinsically safe scale? Arlyn Scales has constructed these specialized scales with the same precision of their other scale offerings; internal microcontroller components work well with low voltages, as well as the load cells. The load cells are made from stainless steel, which offers compatibility with low power and durability for the overall product.

Charging the battery should only be necessary after 204 hours of use. The user will need to remove the battery from the scale to charge in an external charging device within the safe area. It is possible to use a replacement battery in the meantime so that the scale remains operational. Keeping both batteries fully charged will keep the scale working at all times.

Arlyn Scales takes pride in reliable, sturdy, and safe scales for industrial and laboratory use. To purchase a scale and for more information, consumers should contact Arlyn Scales.